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The Cape3 Story

Cape 3 Creative Communication is a division of de Greve and Associates, an Australian owned Company that started in Information Technology consulting in 1988. de Greve and Associates, for many years (1992 to 1999) traded through a Company called IMCG Pty Ltd. This Company also traded under other names such as the Information Management Consulting Group, the Independent Management Consulting Group and, most recently as the Internet Media Consulting Group. All of the people and resources associated with or employed by these entities are now working under the common banner of Cape3 Creative Communication (a business name owned by de Greve and Associates).

So if you see sites attributed to IMCG, or a derivative of this name, in our profile this is the reason why. The people who designed and built these sites work through Cape3.

What’s in a name ?

The name Cape3 was derived for Company based in Malaysia and associated with de Greve and Associates. This Company is called Tanjung Utara Sdn Bhd. The literal translation of Tanjung Utara Sdn Bhd is “Cape North Pty Ltd. Tanjung Utara Sdn Bhd acts as the Malaysian Office de Greve and associates and trades under the same name: “Cape3 Creative Communication” Both entities share the logo and corporate image.

The search began for a domain name that involved the word Cape. We did not want the name to be too long. Several hundred combinations were tried. While we ad settled on a full operating name of Cape Creative Communication we felt that is was too long as domain name and that it still lacked something. We started looking at the three C’s in the chosen name and the use of the number 3 as Cape3 quickly followed.

We had our resident Director, spiritualist and numerologist commune with the local Gods and spirits and give us a reading on how our new name, Cape3 might bring good fortune and wealth to all those who worked under it banner. This reading nor only proved very positive for the Company but many of our values are embodied in the spiritual meaning of the name.

The vibration of no 3 - great creativity. Behold the joy of living with EXPRESSION in its many forms. The principles of the number three are:

  • enthusiasm
  • inspiration
  • imagination
  • words
  • vision
  • optimism
  • pleasure
  • creativity
  • ease
  • happiness
  • animation
  • artistic
  • cordial
cape3 = a number 1 vibration - There is a beginning to every story. Within the number one we have many qualities that embrace LEADERSHIP and courage such as:
  • independence
  • adventure
  • initiative
  • originality
  • determination
  • individuality

The Alphabet in Relationship to Numbers, both numbers and letters describe certain vibrational patterns. These patterns are forces that manifest within and around C A P E

C (3) Within the 'C' is a spontaneous creator. Anxious to express its inspiration and originality, work and ideas flow. Sociable and friendly, a 'C' acknowledges joy as its greatest motivator. The round shape of the 'C' guarantees that what it gives out usually comes back to it! It is also quite sensitive and intuitive. The arts in many forms are embraced within the 'C'. In an unbalanced state, the 'C' can scatter its energies or have difficulty manifesting what it wants.

A (1)This letter holds the vibration of a leader and is the most aggressive and self-starting of the alphabet. 'A' is very adventurous and pioneering and has much independence. It is very self-reliant. Liking to initiate, they often must learn through experience. 'A' is also a catalyst activating other vibrations around them. They have to learn how to be less self-absorbed sometimes and are often opinionated and stubborn until they learn how to channel their vibration. They love change and adventure.

P (16/7)It is often difficult to know what the 'P' holds within its thoughts as it often is without expression. It likes to be alone to contemplate and has to learn how to channel its feelings. It is a thinker vibration and is capable of deep analysis and introspection. It often lacks determination and willpower to carry through its thoughts. With all this in mind, it does hold within it vast intuitive qualities and often possesses vision and an understanding of the unseen.

E (5)This vibration is quite versatile and inspirational. Holding onto freedom, it embraces travel, movement, and flexibility. It is straightforward and direct. It is usually interested in spiritual matters. It likes to learn and enjoys words, whether in written context or in speaking. It holds within it a lot of energy and vitality. With the amount of energy that moves through an 'E', it usually remains fairly calm. Too many 'E’s' can bring on impulsiveness and restlessness.


Be a part of this success… you can reach us at contact@cape3.com.au

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