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Hot News:

Linux steps into the limelight.

Mydoom overtakes Sobig.F as biggest computer virus ever.

Optus mail server block irks cable customers.

MyDoom variant targets SCO and Microsoft.

MyDoom is the worst virus ever.

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Hosting Services

We offer a range of hosting services:

Email only hosting.
Website hosting (includes email)
Business Getting Started Package
Website in a box

Email only hosting

This package is for those companies that require email accounts only and do not want to have to pay for web hosting as well to get them.

Item Price
Setup (includes the first 5 mail acounts $80
Per Annum (Includes 1 Gig of Traffic per month) $120
Additional Mail Account setup (each) $8

Excess traffic is charged at $15 per Gig. (which equatesd to 1.5 cents per meg.)

Website hosting (includes email)

We also offer competetive hosting packages. Each package comes as standard with 50 Mb of disk space, 5 mail accounts and 1 Gb of traffic.

Item Price
Setup $130
Per Annum $360

As for Extras

Item Price
10 MB Disk space Per Annum $50
1 Gb Traffic Per Month $15
Mail Accounts added (each) $8
MySql Database  
.....Setup $100
.....Per Annum $100
SSL Capabilities Per Annum $250

Business Getting Started Package

We are currently putting together some flexible packages designed to include everything a company needs to get itself on the Internet. It can include internet connections, email, hosting as well as web site design services. Call us and tell us your needs and we will tailor a package to them for a price that you will find it hard to beat.

Website in a box

This is a new product we are putting together that will contain mixes of the elements mentioned in the getting started packages above. Call us for details on them.

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