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Hot News:

Linux steps into the limelight.

Mydoom overtakes Sobig.F as biggest computer virus ever.

Optus mail server block irks cable customers.

MyDoom variant targets SCO and Microsoft.

MyDoom is the worst virus ever.

Interested in upgrading your internet connection? Visit Whirlpool for unbiased info about those services offered here in Australia...

Red Belly Black Café and Function Centre's site was totally redesigned by Cape3 to incorporate their new look and outlook.

Please visit them at http://www.redbellyblack.com.au

Acorn Training and Consulting is Canberra based training company specialising in productivity, customer service and sales.

Please visit Acorn at http://www.acorntraining.com.au

TVH Gallery was converted by Cape3 to be fully database driven which is updated in real time from their local business management systems.

Visit them at http://www.tvhgallery.com.au

SUNDAYBEST is Australia's hottest Lifestyle club. Cape3 built the back end systems for the latest version of this site.

Visit them at http://www.sundaybest.com.au

Rentskippers is a new company that is providing an easily accesable database of rental and serious payment defaults.

Please visit them at http://www.rentskippers.com.au

The Independant Grocers of Australia (IGA) Extranet was built by Cape3, using Macromedia Spectra and MS SQL 7. The site is fully dynamic.

Please visit IGA http://www.iga.net.au

Talk Radio 2ue is Australia's premier most syndicated radio station. Cape3 developed an SQL 7 database, and a ColdFusion Web Application including CFX tags, XML Parser to incorporate Live AAP News Feed. The site content is managed through a secure Administration interface and pages are generated dynamically using ColdFusion.

Please visit Talk Radio 2UE http://www.2ue.com

Allquip are Sydney's premiere catering suppliers, they have made their product line available online.

Visit http://www.allquip.com.au.

Physiobase.com is an online worldwide community for Physios.

Cape3 recently completed the PhysioWork component of physiobase.com. PhysioWork is a matching engine which matches Physio's with jobs, includes a jobs billboard and powerful search facilities. PhysioWork is an Allaire Spectra, ColdFusion, MS SQL 7 application.

Visit http://www.physiobase.com, you will need to create a login to view the PhysioWork component.

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