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MyDoom variant targets SCO and Microsoft.

MyDoom is the worst virus ever.

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what we do at Cape3

Cape3 Creative Communication works with organisations of all sizes to assist them in exploiting the Internet to expand and develop their business activities. A web site or e-business solution is of little value unless it is an integral part of business’s purpose and objectives. We do more than build e-business solutions… we build i-business solutions.

Internet-business (i-business) solutions are intelligent-business solutions. i-business solutions provide our clients with "intelligent" ways to link their business with the Internet. Intelligent use of the Internet means that you can reach your customers in the context of this new “marketplace”. Effective i-business solutions allow you to target potential customers and markets beyond your normal geographical reach. Such solutions can allow you to dramatically expand your business without the costly investment of physical infrastructure.

understanding the Internet as a new marketplace

Intelligent use of the Internet means that you must think of the Internet as a "new marketplace". The markets and bazaars of ancient times were places where buyers and sellers gathered to do business and to trade. People in these ancients markets communicated by talking to one another. It was these conversations amongst people that created and made the ancient market places what they were. The ancient merchants lived or died on word-of-mouth.

Today, organisations output a barrage of marketing messages to the consumer, mainly via advertising. Each consumer has to deal with these messages and make buying decisions based on what the advertising message is telling them. We all know how much distortion there are in many of these advertising messages. Remember the cigarette commercials linking a healthy outdoor life with smoking? This is no “conversation” amongst today’s consumers. At least, not until now.

The Internet can be thought of as a marketplace where people have conversations. If you visit the Amazon.com site you can read consumer comments on books and other matters. You can have conversations with other consumers and can ignore the corporate advertising messages. The Internet is not just a global marketplace it is a global conversation amongst consumers.

To be successful as a business in this Global conversation you need to know how to engage in the conversation. You need to know how to engage your potential customers in the conversation. Contact a Cape3 consultant now and let us explain how you can engage in this very different marketplace.

do not be one of a crowd

Above all, your Internet site should say something about your business. It should not just look like another website or another yellow pages advertisement. Cape3 i-business solutions have a character that sets them a part from their competitors. You need to be able to stand out in the increasingly growing crowd of businesses on the Internet.

Talk to one of our i-business consultants strictly on a no-obligation basis. If you already have a web-site or i-business solution, we will conduct a free audit of your site in terms of the effect and impact it has on your business. Email us at contact@cape3.com.au or call our national development centre on +612 6282 7288 and ask to speak with one of our i-business consultants.

We will show you how to:

Join the Conversation

our services

Cape3 offers a wide range of development and management services that are focused on development of web sites that meet business needs and objectives. Our services are:

  • Domain registration and hosting management services
  • Development of Internet solutions that grow our clients business across the Internet
  • Business strategies and planning for engaging in business using the Internet
  • Integration of Internet solutions with existing business systems and applications
  • Software sales and support for a range of desktop applications and Internet development tools
  • Network design and support
  • General technology consulting advice and guidance

Cape3 does more than simply build web sites… we help our clients integrate their Internet needs with their business systems and objectives.

domain registration and hosting management services

Are you confused about the array of service providers of Internet services? We can assist you through the ever changing maze and broker the best deal tailored to your needs. Once a domain name is registered you are immediately exposed to bogus operators who may send you proforma invoices for domain name renewal at inflated prices. Unless you are aware of the many pitfalls in creating your Internet presence, you can quickly find yourself confused and wondering what to do next.

So you have a Domain Name! Next you have to navigate your way through the myriad of service providers to host your domain, your email addresses and web-site. Again there are many pitfalls of which to be aware.

Cape3 can look after all your Internet needs. We can register your Domain name for you, get the best hosting deals and arrange to have your site set up at no greater cost than if you do it yourself. Sometimes we can do it for less. We make it hassle-free, and save you time and the frustration that you might otherwise endure. Annual renewals are taken care of for you – you pay one fee each year to cover all costs. From our Internet watch service, we will advise you of pricing and service changes and where you can benefit from these changes.

If you are experienced with the Internet and are managing your own arrangements, we can show you the benefits of outsourcing the management of your services to an organisation like Cape3. We offer a no-obligation review and free audit of your Internet arrangements and provide a complimentary status report.

growing your business through the Internet

Many website development companies build sites for their clients without ever understanding the client’s business and what they can achieve through a web presence. In many cases the website is an extension of "Yellow Pages" thinking. In some cases this may be adequate, depending upon the business. However, in many cases is falls a long way short of what is needed or what can be done.

It takes planning and fore-thought to use the Internet as another marketplace for your business. It can mean changing the way you do business. A Cape3 consultant can take you through a simple process to ensure that any web presence that you have in mind is integrated with your business needs and objectives. We can give you marketing ideas that will help the world come to your business doorstep.

When you work with Cape3 you will be in the best possible position to join the conversation and… grow your i-business through the Internet.

business strategies and planning for doing business using the Internet

Development of a business focused website starts with sound planning and a clear statement of requirements. Not just the requirements for the Website, but a plan for utilising the site as integral part of your marketing and business planning. If you do not have a business plan or a plan for the web, we can help you put a plan together.

At Cape3, our experience with many clients of different business shapes and sizes has contributed to a dynamic, yet proven approach. For example, we maintain a reference register of sample websites and keep ourselves up to date on the latest developments for doing business on the Internet. We maintain comparative pricing information about other service providers. When you come to Cape3 we share this information with you so you are in the best position to select the best options for your business. We can even source and supply the software and systems you might need to support your site.

integrating your existing business systems and applications with your website

Many organisations have existing applications and systems that operate in the background or in the back office. Some organisations move to the Internet and duplicate data or information that is already contained in their backend applications or systems, e.g. customer and product information. It takes a while to realise they then have two information sources to maintain.

In many cases it is relatively straight forward to link your Internet solution with you back office systems and share data. You only have to maintain in one place. Cape3 has a number of specialists who understand back office systems and databases, and can advise you on the best way forward.

We help you protect your investment in your existing technology.

software sales and support

Cape3 is a reseller of a number of popular Internet software products. This means that when you acquire a Cape3 solution you get the whole solution. You do not have to source and install products with which you are not familiar. Cape3 can also offer some the best prices for these products and provide you with basic training in their use if this is necessary.

Some of our clients have us take over the management and support of their computer and network environments. You will be surprised at how little this can cost.

network design and support

When you enter the Internet world for the first time it may mean a review of your local network arrangements. Not only do you need to have an efficient network but linking to the Internet is not simply “plugging” into a telephone line. You need to consider many things such as how much traffic will flow in and out of your site, how fast you need have this information flow, how much storage you need, etc.

Connecting to the Internet means exposing your computer(s) to viruses and other unwanted access. Devices such as firewalls are used to create a barrier that allows your traffic to pass through but keeps unwanted traffic and access out.

In addition to meeting with your needs for your Internet connection, we can also review your existing network and make it operate more efficiently. We can also assist if you need a new network solution.

general technology consulting advice and guidance

Much of our activity involves talking to people in business and in Government. On many occasions these conversations reveal technical and networking issues. In other cases, we find that organisations are having trouble with people accepting or adapting to technology or to change.

Our consultants have many years experience in all levels of Business (large and small) and with Government. We can assist with many of the issues that attend the introduction of technology or with changes to existing technology.

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